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Get to Know Car Wise

Car Wise has established itself as the go-to partner for those who want to quickly sell their used cars in the UAE. Selling a used car can be a complicated and drawn-out process, and this is why we have made it our mission to come up with a quick and easy way to sell cars in Dubai. No more ads, no more unreliable potential clients, no more lengthy negotiations. Car Wise will do all of that for you, and ensure you get the best possible selling price when you sell your car. Throughout the years, we have invested our time and energy into optimizing the process of selling cars in Dubai, to ensure that our clients always get the best price without having to go through the complicated formalities. We have been a reliable partner for over 20,000 customers who trusted us to help them sell any car in Dubai, and beyond. We have had more than 24,000 evaluations, and made over 21,000 visits and appointments.

Taking Care of the Entire Process Means Happy Customers

We care about our customers and ensure to satisfy them all the way up starting from the online valuation process, and offering a fair price, till the transfer process is completed. No matter what the condition of the vehicle is, its mileage, the number of owners, or even if it has a loan, all cars are welcomed. Who doesn't want a great car buyer that gives the best selling price and takes care of the entire sale process! Right?

Our customers trust us when it comes to the evaluation of their car , and taking care of the formalities involved in selling any used car in the UAE.

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With Us Selling Your Car in Dubai Can Be Easy As 1-2-3

If you have a used car for sale in the UAE, Car Wise is the place to be. All you have to do is enter your car's information in the online form on our website to get a fair, free evaluation. Indeed, selling a vehicle is not without hassle, between administrative constraints and buyers that are not always honest, selling your car becomes an obstacle course. Relax and trust our experts to pick up your car in UAE.
Once your car has been evaluated and you got the best offer one can get for used cars in Dubai, you can book an appointment with one of our experts to guide you through the sales process and help you choose the most advantageous way to receive your payment and sell your car in Dubai
After we've sealed the deal, we will take over the paperwork for you and make the sale as hassle-free as possible. Selling your car has never been easier! Even if your car has an outstanding loan we will take care of that. Dealing with us means getting the best of market prices, besides our appointments are flexible and at your convenience.

Our Car Buying Services

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Why Should I Choose Car Wise To Sell My Car?

Easy Selling Process

At Car Wise, we have years of experience helping customers sell used cars in the UAE. We use this experience to make the drawn-out and complicated process into a hassle-free one for our customers.

Fast Sale and Instant Cash

At Car Wise, we have the know-how to quickly sell your car in Dubai. From the moment your vehicle is evaluated, to the moment of the actual sale and payment method, there are only a few quick and simple steps.

Fair and Transparent Evaluation

At Car Wise, we know cars and use our extensive expertise to evaluate all cars as fairly as possible. Our experts know the ins and outs of the evaluation and sales process, so you’re in the best of hands with us

Reliable Service and Potential Customers

At Car Wise, we have built a name through hard work and commitment to our customers. We are known to be one of the most reliable partners for those looking to sell used cars in Dubai, and we keep it that way by offering each and every customer the attention and advice they need and quickly finding the perfect clients for them.

What You Need to Know Before Selling a Car in Dubai?

Find out your vehicle's worth and set an asking price, Having used cars for sale in Dubai can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. When you're looking for a prospective buyer to sell cars in Dubai, you will soon find out that the evaluation is the first and most important step. A fair and transparent evaluation, gives you a good idea of what asking price to set. Make sure you are slightly above the current market value, but still in the ballpark of a good deal.
Get your vehicle ready for sale, The city of Dubai is car-friendly and good maintenance of a vehicle is not difficult here. But, even if your car is in good shape, there are still a few things you can do to give it some extra curb appeal. Start with a simple wash, vacuum, and tidy up, and you'll soon see the difference.
Know what questions to expect from a buyer, To sell your used car in Dubai, you need to know your car. Make sure you can offer any information a potential buyer might want or need a potential buyer might want or need. Make a list of all the things you’d like to know if you were to buy used cars in Dubai , and have an answer for all of them just in case.
Have all the documents prepared, We can’t stress this enough. The documents that go along with your car are essential whether you decide to sell your car yourself, or use a service that will do that for you. So, make sure you have everything ready for the big sale.

4 Reasons to sell your used car in Dubai.


Stay environmentally friendly

To stay environmentally friendly, it’s important to sell cars in Dubai as soon as they become outdated. In a city that struggles with climate-related challenges, you have to be aware of your carbon footprint and try to reduce it to a minimum. Selling used cars in Dubai and purchasing new, more environmentally friendly ones is a duty everyone shares.


Ensure comfort and safety

We spend so much time in our cars nowadays that the comfort and safety our rides offer become more than just a whim. Those who sell cars in Dubai don’t do it just because they want the latest model, but because they value safety and comfort above all else.


Easy and fast car sales with Car Wise

Then there’s us. If anyone decided not to sell their used cars in the UAE, it might as well have been because of the formalities. With Car Wise, it’s now easy and fast to sell cars in Dubai. We have the know-how to sell any car and handle everything from start to finish, so that you don't have to worry about it.


You deserve the best

Last but not least, a little pampering never hurt anyone. Even if you don’t need to sell your car, you can still want to sell it, just because you deserve the best.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I would recommend Car Wise to anybody that is looking to sell their cars in Dubai. It's the best service in the city.
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Choosing Car Wise to help me sell my car has been the best choice. They took care of everything from start to finish.
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I couldn’t believe how fast I was able to sell my car. Dubai is so competitive, yet with Car Wise’s help, I got a buyer in no time.
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Fast & easy process. I recommend CarWise to anyone who wants a simple selling and doesn't want to handle its usual headaches.
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