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Pre-Purchase Inspection

It is very important to make a preliminary inspection for the car that you will sell.

In this way you can:

  • Know the real car valuation and thus be able to negotiate a price that benefits you in all possible ways.
  • Our team can also advise you on the problems that make the car a "no-no" deal for you. We will give you tips that are very useful.
  • This inspection does not take more than 30 minutes generally.

Through the inspection all the defects and imperfections of the car are revealed, details that are necessary to know so that the later sale is better. The actual mileage of the vehicle is discovered. All the inspection points should also be analyzed, among which is the engine, transmission, air conditioning and also climate control, brakes, bodywork, interior, airbags, exhaust and practically each and every one of the important components that make up the vehicle.

This inspection is an important and mandatory part of the steps involved in selling a car with us in Dubai. CAR is a site that is characterized by its responsibility and effectiveness, not only with its users of the platform but with all the people who will be involved in the purchase of this vehicle, therefore we make sure to comply with all the market requirements and at the same time provide the best possible service.

This inspection must be carried out before the sales paperwork and before we buy the car because the conditions of the car will influence the price of the same and this is something that is a priority interest in the whole process that is about to take place.

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