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It's known, over years, your vehicle virtual age may pass on. While trying to sell your scrap car, most people will consider your car as a hunk of junk with an unfair price, you might think you're out of solutions. If you reach this juncture, you have to be patient in choosing a reputable agency and not fall victim to the others. Car Wise is what you are really looking for as the best scrap car buyers in Dubai who pay the most cash money for your car .
The scrapping bonus can be attractive, especially when replacing an old diesel with a clean vehicle, but often it is better to sell and estimate your car by a professional before scrapping your car. Scrapping does not always save money, sometimes it does pay off and you may be charged additional costs such as towing or removing wreckage for a non-running car. Even if your car is worn out, it can still make you money, you have to estimate it to see exactly what its car rating is.

Selling your Scrap car with us is easy and fair

We at Car Wise buy any scrap vehicle in Dubai in any type of condition, year or model. As we are one of the best scrap car buyers , you can also sell your junk car if it's in bad conditions, beyond damaged, repaired, or even stopped working. Simply we buy any car , and we assure that you will get the best and fair price for your car.
Selling your car to a junkyard is an alternative to getting rid of a vehicle. But junkyard pays less than little. Fortunately, there is an advantageous alternative: with, we buy back your unwanted vehicle at a fair instant price. quickly and all of our valuation and inspection services are offered to you free of charge.
With Car Wise selling your scrap car is done in just 3 easy steps:
  • Get an instant value for your scrap vehicle through using our best car value calculator.

  • Arrange your time to visit us to check your car, otherwise, our customer services team will visit you if your time is limited. We deeply care about our customers.

  • Get instant cash payment for your car, and leave to us sorting the paperwork while enjoying a cup of coffee.

It’s as simple as that! All you have to do is to book your appointment now to value your scrap vehicle. Our customer services team is on hand to look after you, which saves you time.
Common issues that may affect your scrap car value
Selling your car to a junkyard allows you to get rid of an old vehicle, but it does not earn you much and requires organization. For the sake of simplicity, we buy your model back at a high price. It's simple: evaluate your car online now for free.
While it may seem that you should wait to sell your scrap vehicle, at that point the more you wait, the piece estimation of your vehicle will really go down, that is a direct result of numerous reasons.
Here's the process and what will happens when your car is no longer being used:
  • The rust will cover the body of your car more quickly when the car isn't being used. Also, if you check the rubber parts that are located in the car's door, they become more brittle and useless.

  • If you left your Car outside at the mercy of the weather, the possibility of corrosion will increase. You will notice the crack of car seats, changing car's color in the sun, and leaving it out in the rain or cold, that could be worse.

  • No need to mention that car tires will be useless anymore. So, if your car has been unused for a while and still you plan to sell it, just book your appointment now. All our customers get a fair value of your junk car with us.

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Attention: Be wise while choosing scrap cars buyers in Dubai
If your car reaches the point of no return, keep in mind that most car dealers' -and scrap car buyers'- goal is to lower your junk car value more than what it can get. Many people will offer you a great price over the phone or through their car value calculator, but after the inspection service they begin to turn around and switch on you by saying your car is completely junk, to buy it less than the price they offered before. Fortunately, we are here! Avoid hassle and book your appointment now, we will call you. As we are one of the best scrap car buyers in Dubai, be sure that you will get the best estimated price of your scrap car and instant cash, with a promise to do our best to maximize the price that we can offer for you.
Looking for a reputable and professional scrap car buyer in Dubai? Don't wait. Contact our company today at 043477022 or 0568702202 . We are available from 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM daily!

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