About Us

  • The automotive market is changing and is a closed market and a bit complicated to manage, especially if we talk about used cars.
  • Selling any car in Dubai it is a difficult and tedious process that requires effort and time on the part of the seller, especially if it is a used car. To get a good buyer who offers a good price for the car he wants to sell.
  • In addition to the fact that it is illegal to put posters on "sell" cars, and then it becomes a task to think about carrying out this process, you are tired of it.
  • For that reason, CAR comes knocking on your door ready to help you help. Don´t waste your time and come to sell your car, that´s what we do, we buy cars.
  • CAR has a team with years of experience and dedication to the used car sales market, so you are not dealing with novices, if not with a lot of experience in the field.
  • We are a group that has decided to expand its vision and reach the corners where they had not reached through the use of this platform so that all their services are available through a screen. We are not only a car sell, we are a family.
  • We are doing everything possible to offer you all the existing conveniences and in this way selling your used car in Dubai will no longer be a headache.

Our vision

We have always been a group of dreamers eager to expand our business and make use of our knowledge and contacts to help people and build our own mini-empire, through the help we provide to the people letting them to know how to sell a car in the UAE.

Because of that, we began to unite and we found ourselves in the same place with only one mission.

Our mission

CAR has always had as a mission and main objective to allow the client to sell his used car without having to waste hours of his life publishing it in many places or dealing with people who are not interested in him. Then we can take care of all the work, while you relax and continue to take care of your daily duties.


In addition, we assure you that we sell at the best price and in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Our purchasing process is based on technology. And it will not matter in the conditions in which your vehicle is found or what type of vehicle it is, we guarantee your purchase in a period of one hour, in addition to providing all the necessary updates to keep it updated.


Get Your Car Value

Why choose us?

We are working to be your first option when selling your car in UAE.

The reasons for choosing us are simple, and we will love the purchase process, professional and impeccable which turns all this into a sale in the blink of an eye due to the modernization of said process.

CAR takes care of the way they buy cars and you should not waste time with private announcements or prolonged processes. We manage everything for you and not only that, but we do it with full quality, to guarantee the best possible service at all times, in what to sell your car and offering a good car valuation.

And if that were not enough, we do not need many things to provide our services.

We only need your signature in our purchase agreement and complementary information, for example:

  • In what way do you prefer to receive payment for your car?
  • In what way do you prefer to sell your car?

Of the rest, we take care of it.

Let us be part of your life and let us improve it through the selling of your car in Dubai.

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