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Why Selling Car in Dubai is Easy and Fast with

One of the most tedious and challenging things is the experience of selling cars in Dubai. People have this perception that an old or junk car is never as efficient as a brand new car, so they would rather opt to buy a shiny new one if they can easily afford it. Due to the utter lack of convenience, selling car in Dubai isn’t always an easy process. And if you’re not persistent at all, you’ll end up with another brand new car sooner than you can sell your old one.

Why Should You Use a Website to Sell Your Car?

  • Imagine selling a car back in the day when all you had was a phone and directory to rely on for leads. If not, you had to break through your connections just to be able to find your car’s new buyer. Well, it’s good if you readily find someone looking for a second-hand car to buy, but the truth is, that is not always the case.
  • Today, the internet just made it so much easier for people to sell their old cars and for interested second-hand car buyers to buy one that suits their budget. And because everyone is glued to their mobile phones, people can easily search online and act on a purchase right away.
  • Fortunately, there are now multiple Dubai car selling websites available online catering to various people selling a car. But with a lot of choices available, it can also be confusing to know which car selling website is the right one for you. Making that choice shouldn’t be another tricky thing to figure out.
  • Introducing Car, one of the Dubai car selling websites available today. Car is geared to be your first option when it comes to selling your car conveniently in Dubai. Its mission is to provide top-notch service for people who are looking at selling old cars through its website. Car Wise understands the tedious process that comes with selling any car and works day in and day out to make it happen for you.
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How to Sell Car in Dubai in Five Easy Steps

  1. Selling car in Dubai shouldn’t be so complicated, if only you could opt to flash a sign that says, “Car for Sale.” As that is clearly out of your option because it is illegal, posting your ad on a car selling website is your next best one.
  2. Once your posting is up online, just sit back and relax. But make sure to clean your car both inside and outside by removing all wraps and washing your dirty carpets. This is a standard procedure wherever you may be selling your car in Dubai.
  3. Your car shouldn’t just be clean however, it has to be functional and free of damage for the next buyer to assume. So test and check your doors, windows and mirrors’ condition.
  4. If you have a clean and functional car to sell, at least have an idea of your car’s valuation in the market. Consider how recent your car model is and how well-maintained its engine, to avoid surprises and to be prepared to negotiate a price that is suitable for you.
  5. Finally, but most importantly, make sure your car documents are complete and available. Selling your car in Dubai or anywhere in the world will only be possible and legal with a complete set of car documents.


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Enlist an Expert Car Selling Website to Sell Your Car!

  • The automotive market is not one that’s easy to navigate for first-time or neophyte car sellers. Unless you can afford a lot of mistakes, wasted time and opportunity along the way, you really shouldn’t do it by yourself.
  • If selling your old car is such a tedious process to do all by yourself, why do it alone? If you lack the knowledge, skills, and right connections for selling cars, thanks to technology, selling your car in Dubai has already gotten so much easier. Just enlist the help of a car selling website today with Car Wise.
  • Car Wise’s expertise in the car selling market is well-matched with its mission to help clients sell their used cars very easily and conveniently. Its car valuation and purchase processes are smooth, fast and reliable.
  • Why waste your time, resources and energy on very long valuation processes when you can get your car sold through Car Wise in just a matter of hours? Car Wise ensures that you are taken care of the moment you decide to sell your car. You may even opt to receive further updates if necessary.
  • Once you’ve decided to sell your car with Car Wise, just choose the best method to receive your payments and determine how you prefer to sell your car!

Selling car in Dubai should no longer be as complicated as it once was. After all, car selling experts at Car Wise can help and are only waiting for you. Be wise in choosing your car expert, contact Car Wise today at 043477022 or 0568702202 available from 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM daily

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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Car in Dubai

How do I sell my car in Dubai?

You have three steps:

  1. Finding a buyer for your car.
  2. Cancelling the insurance
  3. Transfer of ownership

While reading here, you are on the right path while you find the buyers. No worries, we can handle with the other steps

How do I transfer ownership of a car in Dubai?

After finishing from insurance cancellation, you have to check if your vehicle is due for renewal, if yes, you have to make vehicle testing in any branch of the RTA offices. Once this is done, you have to transfer from, in this point you have to have: original registration card, valid driver’s license of the buyer, valid copy of the Emirates ID or Passport + Visa copy, and new insurance from the buyer. Remember, we are here to help when selling your car to us

How can I sell my car with a loan in UAE?

It's known, RTA will not transfer your car unless you get a clearance letter from the bank. Luckily for you, we are here. Car can buy your car and getting necessary approval needed to mortgage the car.

If my registration card expires! Can I still sell my car?

Yes, we can buy your car even if your registration card has expired. Our expert team is always ready to give a hand of help. Leave the paperwork process to us as we’ll handle this matter

What documents do I need to sell my car?

From your side:

  • Original copy of Emirates ID/ Passport and residency visa.
  • Car’s ownership
  • Don’t worry about the process, we will handle it as we have to attached documents for our side as well which are:
  • Emirates ID / Passport and residency visa.
  • Driver's license
  • Car insurance.